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We offer civil and domestic mediator services

Let’s face it—going to court is expensive, and a trial can take a long time. You can settle your dispute quickly and affordably with the help of a mediator. Contact LeBlanc Nettles Law today. We offer mediation services in Brownsburg, Indiana. Our experienced mediator can help you resolve any type of civil or domestic dispute.

Find a solution that works for everyone

Find a solution that works for everyone

You don’t have to settle every dispute in a courtroom. Mediation is an affordable way to resolve legal issues. A mediator can assist you with:

  • Personal injury matters
  • Real estate issues
  • Probate matters
  • Divorces
  • Family disputes
  • Contract disputes

We’ll arrange a meeting with all of the parties involved to discuss your situation and attempt to reach a peaceful agreement. Get in touch with LeBlanc Nettles Law today to learn more about our mediator services in Brownsburg, IN.